Travel free among the many nations of the world. Know what to do, when to do it and how best to do it as a bold woman. Why would you want to live afraid of the world when the dangers that face you abroad are no greater than the dangers that you face going to the supermarket at home. Travel is an experience that opens horizons and allows for a richer life. One who has not traveled can not properly appreciate the beauty of her own home. There’s no question in my mind that travel is a great investment, and it gives one so much more than a knowledge of a few foreign words or a picture of a foreign city and art, it is a way of molding yourself into the very person you were intended to be on a global scale. You will be able empathize with those traveling frequently and you will be able to sympathize with those in different cultures who live without the sweet smell of roses each day in their gardens.

Fish in water

You can carry the torch for women world wide who are oppressed and confined to lifeless rooms in back streets of dingy villages around the world. Take a look outside the fishbowl and enjoy the beauty of each day. Travel in safety, knowing that you are in good company. Stop staring out the glass and start staring as you window shop the world. There’s no richer vitrine to view than the vast stores of the nations of the world. Get out, get fit and take hold of the world.

I hope to see you out there world wide window shopping.


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