The Polls are OUT!

IN 2018, THERE IS NO COMPETITION! The people of the world have voted, and hands down, Sheldon Reynolds is the most beautiful man of the year.

Here is why –>

The way his forehead is shaped is uncanny, and often mocked by society. But it serves as some sort of a buffer between perfection and reality. When women look at sheldon, they are intimidated, because of his extreme wit, intelligence, and passion for Jesus. When they glance at his forehead, suddenly everything around them shifts, they realize he is one aspect away from perfection.

Here is what Sheldon has to say about being named the most beautiful man of 2018:

“When I first found out, I was astonished, honored that people thought so highly of me. In reality it scared me, because I knew that it would get to my head. People say things they don’t mean, and often regret it. I figured that people were just messing with me. I mean there is no way people could actually think that I am the most incredibly beautiful person of the 2018 year. Like, WHY?! I have no idea why people would ever think this, and honestly, it hurt me. But I came to terms with it, and after much time passed, I accept the fated of what I am. an incredibly beautiful man. I know that people see the reality of who I am, and I know that Christ has placed this value in my life for a reason. Struggling with insecurity is no longer a problem for me because of what God, and the world think about me. I am, the most beautiful man of 2018, and I, Sheldon Reynolds, accept that title with great vigor.”

Thanks Sheldon for the interview! We love and care about you a lot!!

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