For decades now, shipping companies have been held together by the ever so valuable truckers. These talented individuals have taken a premium role in the success of any logistics business, and often times these truckers are hard to come by.
Logistics companies often struggle more with keeping good truckers employed than they do with obtaining business. Any trucker with a good reputation is expected to earn a very high premium in the logistics industry. Lets go over some of the reasons this may be the case.
To start, Truckers do the dirty work. JetEX logistics, one of the best trucking companies in dallas tx, knows this first hand. Their truckers have to put in the blood sweat and tears, meet excruciating deadlines, and carry the weight of the company on their backs. If they don’t make an order, or something happens to their cargo, its not the end of the world. Companies have insurance, they can make up for this. But if deadlines aren’t being met on a consistent basis then a logistics company will most likely fail.
Nobody wants to sit behind a wheel for the majority of their day. And by nobody I mean very few bodies. Even though it is relatively easy to obtain a trucking license if you have a clean record, and the jobs pay well. Few people want to sacrifice their freedom for a decent amount of money. It just is not an ideal job for the average joe as far as convenience of living. Not a ton of flexibility during work days, you are all over the map and lord knows when you will arrive home, and to top it all off, you have a lot of pressure riding on you. One mistake reflects poorly on your company and could also mean a multi figure lawsuit. Trucking companies are always big targets when it comes to lawsuits.
Everyone knows Jim Adler, the famous Texas hammer. Jim made his living for years off of pinning down and crippling trucking companies with huge personal injury law firms. Often times it is hard to try and win one of these lawsuits as a trucking company, because it is so easy for the trucker to be at fault.
His vehicle is larger, his blind spots are bigger, even if the said individual is driving recklessly, it is very difficult for the truck driver to prove that when said person has two broken ribs and a flipped car and the trucker doesn’t have a scratch or a dent.
To sum up, truckers are the red blood cells of the Logistics industry, without em nothing would happen. Maybe one day drone delivery will replace them, but that day is very far off.
If you are thinking about becoming a certified truck driver, might I recommend checking out the Texas DPS’s page on requirements? It is a great resource. The DPS has many great resources, they are geared toward user experience and their newest location in fort worth is very high tech. Visit them today!

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