In many parts of the world up till the early 1900’s, it was illegal for women to have “formal” jobs or own property. This seems like a very contradictory concept considering the fact women basically took care of everyone in society! As a girl grew up, she would be taught how to be a mother and a wife; to take care of not only her children but her husband as well! Careers would only come after family and this is why working women are still frowned upon in many parts of the world.

Men, on the other hand, have always been seen as the providers, therefore, the workplace has always been dominated by men while the women stayed home cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. Despite the fact that we are in the 21st century, this notion of the stay-at-home mother or housewife is still very much alive. In this day and age, working women, especially those who are mothers should be celebrated and even given more opportunities to shine at the workplace. Simply looking at what women go through every day will show exactly why they deserve to be supported.

On one hand they juggle their wifely and motherly duties while on the other they juggle their personal lives and careers conquering all sorts of barriers to make any headway at their workplaces. Being a mother is perhaps one of the most challenging jobs ever and to be honest, one can never be fully prepared for it. It is for this reason that women should prioritize the welfare of their families over all other things. The main reason for this is that, one can build a career at any age/time but the best chance to be a good mother often comes only once in a child’s life. Without working women in the world, the world would simply fall apart. It is a well-known fact that women are the backbone of society therefore it is important that we continue to give them an environment where they can be successful in all circles of life.

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